Korke & Judith


One of greatest stars on the bachata scene, Masters of Masters, world creators of Bachata Sensual style. Genious technique and methodology. Learning from them is a milestone in your dance education and something you must experience! First time in Cracow!

Carlos & Chloe


Top representants of Bachata Fusion style, which connects bachata sensual with its other types, as well as other dance techniques. Extraordinarily creative and absolutely positive. They spread their energy, love of dancing and the openess to search for your own style. Second time in Poland, second time in Cracow!

Łukasz & Ewa


A unique couple who teaches dance as a form of communication on the dance floor. During their calsses you will not memorize another combination, but you will learn the techniques of leading, and above all, effective communication in couple. On the first place they put the emotional aspect of the dance and the game between partners.

Duda & Kati


Duet of a charismatic dancer, musician and choreographer with extremely experienced and versatile theatre and TV dancer will blow your mind. Super nice and super professional. They give workshops in many Polish and European cities, as well as classes during biggest international dance festivals.

Daniel & Monika


Couple connecting two dominant characters Out of passion and love for dance they created their own place in the cetner of Łódź #LatinDanceAcademy, where they share their dance knowledge every day. During weekends they travel around Poland and Europe to spread their energy to hundreds of bachateros Strong, independent and always smiling! Their style is extremely smooth, delicate and 100% sensual.